Kingdom Growth Evening Breakout Facilitators


Mark Croston

National Director of Black Church Partnerships at Lifeway Christian Resources.

With the accelerated pace of life, the unceasing demands of ministry and the relentless fact that Sunday is always around the corner, who has the luxury of time to stop, audit, and make systemic changes to the way we lead, disciple, and teach? Developing a discipleship culture where everyone in your church serves to disciple therefore creating a patterns of discipleshp. 


Pastor Julius R. Malone, Senior Pastor - New Testament Church Milwaukee

Understanding God: Our Father Heart

Developing a fulfilling prayer life to equip believers for defense against spiritual attack as well as encourage us to surrender to Christ's Lordship. 


Ken Weathersby, Vice President for Convention Advancement SBC Executive Committee

Reaching New People

This series will give you practical strategies and practice of evangelism designed to teach you how to share your Christian faith. You'll also learn strategies to gain confidence in your evangelism efforts. 


Pastor Michael R. Pigg, Church Partner for the North and Eastern US

Transforming Generations

This session teaches about the parable of Jesus of putting New Wine into Old Wineskins. The new wine represents the truth of God, while the old wineskins represent the traditions of the culture that we have been born into. These traditions have produced the prejudices that we do not want to get rid of whenever the new wine (generations) comes. We are the vessel, and if we do not have the willingness to change, then we will  "burst"-  the old wineskin by the new wine. A process of destruction begins to take place unless we too become new. 


Gwendolyn F. Sutton, Minister- Monumental Missionary Baptist Church

From Mentorship to Maturing: Reaching the Next Generation of Women

this session helps you develop and create opportunities to bridge the generational gap for women in our churches. We'll share ways to model discipleship and build mentorship communities which guide women effectively to maturity.